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Capable of covering two bikes facing away from each other on a vehicle mounted rack. 

Made from a tough but lightweight Poly Prop waterproof fabric, our cover is rectangle shape on top of the bikes, and has drawstring toggle to ensure a snug fit. It has several adjustable velcro straps to allow it to fit around your bike rack and your bikes. Keep your bikes safe from the weather, out of sight and reduce the volume of road spray and grit finding its way on to the gears and chains.



You will still need to secure this to the frame or caravan using straps during transport.

This cover should always travel so that wind it hitting the side of the bike/cover and not directly into the wind such as on the top of a car with the wheels pointing forward. This may result in stress to the fabric and tears. 

Happy travels, 

Rory and Nyree 

Twin Bike Cover-Mounted Rack

$149.00 Regular Price
$129.00Sale Price

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