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Hello, thanks for visiting Rhino Guard ! We are Rory and Nyree Alexander and we are based in beautiful Kaikoura on the South Island.

We learned the hard way how getting a chip in our caravan front window led to expensive water damage and a $4000.00 window replacement. Not to mention the time off the road and the hassle of getting it all organised. We searched for a way to protect our caravan while towing and avoid repeating the same mistake. 

We found what was available in the market was expensive or quite thin. After some research we found the covers we now sell as Rhino Guard. We use this cover to protect our own vehicles and have kept the cost reasonable so you can protect yours without taking too much out of your travel budget. 

We also provide hitch, bike and wheel covers in single and twin axle sizes. 

Get in touch today if you have any questions.

Be sure to send us photos and videos of your Rhino Guard in action at your favourite adventure spot for our website and facebook posts!


Hello, I have been importing RV’s for a decade as well as products to look after them, passing on more than fifty years knowledge of travel experience is a pleasure. Kaikoura is a wonderful base and place to see so many people enjoying the travel lifestyle. It’s great seeing caravans wearing our covers as we travel as a family or when I am on my way to waste my time on the golf course in Blenheim or Amberley! 


Hello, nice to meet you. My father is from Hawkes Bay and my mother from Canada so my adventuring started with my two countries. I believe the best parts of travelling are exploring new areas, meeting new people and discovering more about yourself. The more protected you are on your travels the better so you are not be googling where the nearest repair shops are. Personally I think google is better used for locating the best ice cream stops :)



My name is Einstein and I am a 5 and a half year old rescue Bordoodle. I am in charge of sniffing all the shipments when they arrive and making sure it is all okay for you to receive. I help Mom and Dad deliver covers to people sometimes too. I have been caravanning almost my whole life and love exploring new areas and all Dad has to say is "Road Trip" and I get ready to go.


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