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Our Mega Cover features a Heat Reduction Layer in the top 90cms, to provide your skylight with extra protection from the sun.

The first 1.7m features all 4 layers of our conventional cover before the extra protection starts.


Width is 220cms, suitable for all modern caravans that are not 8ft wide. (see our other listing for 8ft size)

Available in Charcoal or Grey colours.

Protect, don't replace. Avoid the costly and inconvenient repair of a front caravan window.

Four layer, breathable, essential protection from stone chips and insects while towing your caravan.

1: Anti-dirt, UV resistant, tear resistance.Layer

2: WaterproofLayer


4: Soft to care for your Acrylic or glass surface.

5. Heat resistant layer in top 90cm


An awning rail is required on both sides for this quick fit and adjustable window and skylight towing cover. A step ladder is needed for most people to fit this cover up over the skylight.


Damage to an unprotected front window can cost many thousands of dollars and the wait for replacement or repair can take months.

Don't take the risk.

Invest in preventative protection before you tow.

At Rhino Guard, it's our mission to keep you covered.

Happy travels.

Rory and Nyree

MEGA Caravan Tow Cover Heat Resistant (HR)


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